Make a Difference, Make a Donation

about us

For 90 years, the Needy Family Fund has helped
Delaware's children and families in desperate
need stave off hunger and homelessness via
the Salvation Army and the State of Delaware's
Division of State Service Centers.
Since 2005, caring Delaware citizens have
donated more than $1.3 million to the
Needy Family Fund.


Today in Delaware thousands of families can't afford

everyday necessities like a place to live, running water
or electricity, the basic necessities many of us take
for granted.


We ask you to open up your hearts and help support
the legacy of the Needy Family Fund. A monetary
donation from you will help us feed a hungry family,
provide housing or keep the lights on and the water
running for those who can't afford these everyday
necessities. 100 percent of your donation goes
directly to helping Delawareans in need.